The Winning Resume Formula ⚗️

Your Resume – Your Sales Pitch.

When writing your resume remember that it is not just recruiters looking at this document but the very people who will want to hire you. This means you have to consider a number factors.

  1. Does your resume express your Skills, Experience, Project Details, Achievements / Awards, Success Stories relevant to jobs being applied for. Click here for your free resume template here
  2. Have you done a Spelling and Grammar check with a UK or Australian checker not USA?
  3. If English is not your first language are you really happy with the Content, Spelling and Grammar.
  4. Recruiters will need to make amendments to your resume. FACT – Whether you like it or not if a resume is not in a format that is format friendly you will be asked to send it again or passed over as too hard to format. Present your resume in a Word Document excluding Tables and complicated formatting.
  5. Does your resume match your Linkedin profile? See article on How your Digital Footprint can help or hinder your Job Application Success.
  6. Does your resume come with a Summary Profile that can be turned into an Executive Pitch? See Article on Why and How to write an executive summary.
  7. Don’t pay good money to a Resume Writer – Find an experienced recruiter who values you and can help you with your resume investing time and energy into your campaign. See Article on Why you should build a relationship with a good recruiter or two.
  8. Dont SPAM your resume to everyone and every job.
  9. Be HONEST!
  10. Be prepared to reformat for each company. Your recruiter will advise what each potential employer prefers.

The art to a good resume is having the person reading it wanting to interview you immediately. Click here for Suggested Resume Template and The Art of Resume Writing

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