Partnership Program

As Growth Consultants, Real Time Australia advise businesses on how to hire effectively through our unique partnership program.

Partnering with and developing a long term relationship with a trustworthy recruitment agency can significantly reduce and eliminate hiring risk. Our goal as a progressive recruitment agency is to take all the stress and strain out of the recruitment process and partner with you to make it easy, affordable and successful for all parties. That’s why we pride ourselves on being Growth Consultants, advising businesses on how to prepare, grow & hire effectively.

We have developed a unique partnership program which we guide every client through, designed to assist with:

  • Understanding your business goals  
  • Understanding the culture you are trying to create & the qualities in the people you hire
  • Managing the process of building your bespoke ‘Recruitment Best Practice Solution’
  • Managing brand awareness in the talent market
  • Consulting on organisational structure, gaps in skills, future hires, competitive talent analysis, and succession planning
  • Consulting on HR principle guidelines (job description design, job advert design, interview techniques, psychological stimuli, on boarding process)
  • Designing a client and candidate care program
  • Designing a diversity program with you

Coupled with our scalable recruitment solutions, this step-by-step program has helped us align with some great success stories like Sun Microsystems Professional Services Australia, Pacific Technology Australia, Google Australia R&D, Atlassian, Oakton Consulting, RSVP, BMC Patrol and Vivant through their critical growth stages.

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