Adapt or Die: Business Organisation Design in a Fast-Changing World

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Adaptive Organisation Design 

In today’s business world, the capacity to quickly adapt to a fast-changing environment is what separates successful brands from the rest. Adaptive organisation design is no longer optional for businesses, and neither is it a factor exclusively for tech startups—it is critical for every organisation, regardless of its size, to respond to changes rapidly and decisively.

Advances in technology have dramatically increased the rate at which businesses experience change. Traditional business models with slow-moving hierarchies will no longer cut it, and instead businesses must adopt collaborative models with an emphasis on dedicated teams. In addition, it is imperative that an openness to innovation is embraced and for experimentation to become a key aspect of your problem-solving techniques.


Job Design Process

It is vital for businesses to reassess their job design process to ensure it is suited for our changing world. With the right perspective, adaptive organisations can stay ahead of the curve while also simplifying the hiring process. For this to happen, the future needs of the business must be taken into account, so that the purpose of the position can be clearly outlined.

Otherwise, you run the risk of hiring based on the person, which beyond being complex and time-consuming, is likely to be ineffective. With effective job design based on input from your key stakeholders and taking into account your company’s future needs, the candidate selection process will prove itself more successful. Not only will productivity increase, but employee engagement will improve as well.

This starts first and foremost in crafting precise job descriptions.

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