How Your Digital Footprint Can Hinder Your IT Job Application Success

This post is quite poignant in the Digital Age where a very high percentage of professional people will have some kind of Digital Profile. A digital profile can be anything from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, G+, Blogs, and of course LinkedIn – (Is LinkedIn Social or Professional the debate still rages). Don’t be fooled into … Read more

Offer Accepted

After learning the foundations to identifying the right candidate to join your company. Now it is grand final day – you have made your choice and you want to make the offer. Will the candidate accept? How to make your JOB OFFER and CLOSE IT Setting Up the Offer From Day 1 You will never be … Read more

Free Download – Resume Template

When writing your resume remember that it is not just recruiters looking at this document but the very people who will want to hire you. The art to a good resume is having the person reading it wanting to interview you immediately. As part of our career help and to guide you in your job search … Read more

Free Download: Job Application Tracker

Looking for a job can be stressful and very time consuming, especially if you are not organised and trying to do it whilst still employed, have a family and a house to run as well as meeting all  the other everyday demands of life. This is why having an experienced Recruiter who services companies in … Read more

Free Download: Job Description Template

Do you want to hire the right people fast or waste time screening people out? The language, message and appeal has to be right. Forget HR Tick Boxes and corporate Bureaucracy – it’s time the game changed. Quite often I will read a Job Description, laugh a little and call the hiring manager and the … Read more