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Recruiter : Matthew Kiker

With my unique background having worked on the technical side as an Engineer and Consultant with a Business & IT Degree, I’ve been there with you and understand your challenges.As an experienced advisor, delivery focused partner with extensive market insights and armed with many tools, I have helped countless amounts of candidates and clients navigate through their recruitment journey over the past 11 years.By collaborating with amazing, creative tech companies and the next awesome innovators across multiple industries, it has been my authentic, engaging and honest approach that provides the best value to their recruitment decisions and challenges, which helps drive everyone to get great results and success.With determination, confidence, having a strong focus, passion and grit, I try to outwork the rest by continuing to be a brave advocate connecting people with outstanding opportunities. Using my experience, talent communities, connections, data, market intelligence and multiple resources to help deliver the best solutions and outcomes for everyone. This includes startups to enterprise businesses, both contracting or permanent with roles at all different levels.Whether you're looking for that next amazing opportunity that's going to help you grow and learn or needing to attract and retain talent, then let's work on strategies and discover together!

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