Hello… is there anybody out there?

Hi, welcome to Real Time’s blog. We hope you enjoy what we have to say and would love to hear what’s on your mind.We will be sharing our 20 + years of knowledge and experience, touching on important and sometimes light-hearted topics that effect the recruitment industry. If you are involved in hiring people or … Read more

Conducting Interviews – Different Approaches

A company’s interview style/structure can be an accurate indicator of its personality and values. Interview styles range from the “I-go-with-my-instincts” interview consisting of a single candidate meeting to a gruelling multi-step step interview (“If you survive the interview process, you’re hired.”). Here are our thoughts about different interview approaches and what they tell us about … Read more

Recruitment or Marketing?

Heineken’s video advertisement on how to conduct an interview has already been seen over 13,000 times on YouTube. The video’s setting is in an office during a job interview. Suddenly, the interviewee is being asked a serious of standard questions one after the other. The interviewees are feeling a bit uncomfortable as s/he is in … Read more

Job Description Disasters

Companies that want to succeed in today’s world need to be able to adapt quickly, and much of this relates to how you go about making hiring decisions. For many companies, hiring a new employee is nothing short of a disaster, from start to finish. Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong—and in the … Read more

Offer Accepted – You Hope!

Recruitment is not just adding talent to your organization, but sowing the seeds of your reputation. Our Offer Accepted report provides a seasoned insight into the strategy and the best practices that can be adapted during a job offer and how to successfully influence the candidate to agree to your offer. The job offering stage … Read more