How to Build a Recruitment Model for an SME

When it comes to creating a successful recruitment model, it’s important that you clearly identify your goals at the beginning of the process. Without knowing what it is that you want to accomplish, you’ll end up wasting time and money on ineffective campaigns that won’t advance your organisation’s interests. It’s also crucial to recognise the … Read more

How to Never Get a Callback from Your IT Job Application

I would like to think of myself as one of the Good Recruiters. To give you context as to why it’s because I have been in the game since 2000 just after the.Com Bubble Burst and IT Recruitment was one of the most difficult markets to survive in at that time, particularly for an absolute rookie. … Read more

Resume Format: Why Recruiters Reformat Resumes

Resume Format: Why Recruiters Ask You for a Word Document Rather than a PDF or Other Version of Your Resume For some Digital roles it is appropriate but generally, recruiters need to be able to Reformat Resumes, for these reasons: To remove your contact details from the IT job application. It is a long-held paranoia … Read more

How Your Digital Footprint Can Hinder Your IT Job Application Success

This post is quite poignant in the Digital Age where a very high percentage of professional people will have some kind of Digital Profile. A digital profile can be anything from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, G+, Blogs, and of course LinkedIn – (Is LinkedIn Social or Professional the debate still rages). Don’t be fooled into … Read more