Conducting Interviews – How many is too many?

A company’s interview style and the number of interviews required to find that perfect candidate says a lot about the company’s values and its “personality”.

Here are some rules of thumb to consider before scheduling your next candidate interview:

  • Some companies believe than an exhaustive series of interviews is a way of measuring resilience and commitment. This is often an unfortunate decision. Time kills deals in recruitment. Keep the interview processes moving. Candidates typically know whether the position is a fit for them after the second interview.
  • A simple rule – conduct more than one and no more than four! If you are filling a contract position that is urgently needed, one interview may suffice.
  • Manage candidate expectations. Nothing is more frustrating than for candidates to not know where he or she stands in the interview process. It’s a fact that you will reject infinitely more candidates than you make offers to, and for those candidates not selected, they need to be informed quickly and professionally. It is important to:
  • Respond promptly to all communication.
  • Set realistic expectations about contact times and next steps.
  • If you can’t keep your agreement, communicate with the candidate as quickly as possible.

Remember, candidates, share their experiences with their friends and colleagues. In fact, it is not unheard of for candidates to communicate their thoughts on the Internet. A scorned candidate is highly motivated to inform others of his or her opinion of your company. And it probably won’t be pretty.