Contract Recruitment

Real Time Australia can help you navigate the jungle of considerations for contract recruitment, whether it is for finance, IT, digital, data, legal, HR, administration, customer service and executive positions.

When it comes to hiring on a contract basis, it’s not just the act of sourcing candidates that matters.

Whether you are a seasoned hiring manager or completely new to the concept of building contract teams, there are some questions you should be asking yourself before you start looking for contractors.

For example:

  • How do/will you integrate contractors into your core work culture?
  • How will you manage the skills transfer to the core team?
  • Are you prepared to pay high prices for niche skills?
  • Is your backend administration up to the challenge of payroll management?
The team at Real Time Australia can help you workshop the skills you need, the outcomes of the project and the type of person to culturally align with your core team.In addition to sourcing a candidate, we provide a detailed and high-touch candidate care program for the duration of the contract. Read our testimonials from clients and contractors or contact us today to discuss your contract recruitment needs.