Free Download: Job Description Template

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Free Download: Job Description Template

Do you want to hire the right people fast or waste time screening people out? The language, message and appeal has to be right. Forget HR Tick Boxes and corporate Bureaucracy – it’s time the game changed.

Quite often I will read a Job Description, laugh a little and call the hiring manager and the conversation goes a little like this:

Hire the Right People Fast

I have read the Job Description, now can you tell me what you really want in your own words? When are you free to sit and go through your real needs?  Believe it or not I have had numerous managers saying Thank you at the end of the Job Description Analysis.

Do we really need Job Descriptions? 

If you follow this simple formula you should be able to create a one-page Job Description that will have enough information for you to refer back to and for the recruiters, HR, Hiring Managers to follow and conduct meaningful interviews.

Click here download the full job description template. The winning formula!

We have been part of your journey so far – we would love to help take your candidate search to the next level. Download our full guide to “Looking for new staff and don’t know where to start?“. Or simply follow us to be a part of our journey!

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