Free Download – Resume Template

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Free Download – Resume Template

When writing your resume remember that it is not just recruiters looking at this document but the very people who will want to hire you. The art to a good resume is having the person reading it wanting to interview you immediately. As part of our career help and to guide you in your job search and hiring process, we have created a formula that will enable you to create the right format and submit a resume that works.

Your Resume – Your Sales Pitch

You can take us this resume template and customise it to suit yourself as it really is a great addendum to your resume putting your best foot forward. Combine this with your updated Digital Footprint and a Resume that will get you interviewed and you could be called for interview on every job you apply for.

Click here to download our suggested Resume Template.

You can also submit your completed resume to us by clicking here.

We have been part of your journey so far – we would love to help take your candidate search to the next level. Download our full guide to “Looking for new staff and don’t know where to start?“. Or simply follow us to be a part of our journey!

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