Frequently Asked Questions

Working with technology leaders since 1991, Real Time has one of the largest and most well-connected networks in Australia. 

This network includes our well-kept database and the 16 other talent channels that Real Time actively source candidates within.

Contracting: 2 days

Permanent: 4 days

Real Time has an extensive screening process where at least one of our expert consultants will conduct an in-depth, full-length phone, video and/or in-person interview.

Contracting fees range between 10-15% on top of fixed costs.

Permanent fees range between 12-18% depending on exclusivity, type of role and other circumstantial factors.

You can set up a Job Alert so that you’re immediately notified when any role that you’re interested in becomes live with Real Time.

Please ensure you’re in a free position to talk, know which roles you’ve applied for and understand your CV innately since we will be diving deep into your skills and experiences. 

Our list of jobs are above, in the Job Search tab. You can apply directly to whichever role you’d like, and/or set up a Job Alert and upload your CV with us so that we can get in touch with you right away.

We do our best to speak to every candidate who applies to the position, though we do have to prioritise the most fitting candidates in order to keep our strong delivery promise.

A member from Real Time will get in touch with you to conduct an in-depth interview (via phone, video or in-person) in order to understand your suitability for the role you’ve applied for, and/or for similar upcoming roles.

We can only get in touch with you if we have your details and CV, so please ensure these are clear and updated when applying to any role or setting up a Job Alert. 

Real Time specialise in Software, PMO & Product, and any technology related roles.

We have a strong sales, marketing & operations desk & network with regular Permanent & Contract roles available.

Check out our list of available jobs in Job Search.

  • The best option for you to do is set up a Job Alert for the types of roles that you’d be interested in hearing about, and uploading your CV with us so that we can get in touch with you right away.

  • Permanent & Contract Recruitment
  • Embedded Recruitment Services
  • Talent intelligence – Sonar
  • Job Design Consulting – Compass
  • Organisation Design Consulting
  • Internal employee intelligence reports – Sonar Detect
  • Payrolling

Get in touch with one of our expert consultants via this calendly link.

Real Time are proud, platinum partners of Shoreline, who we regularly donate to and support. For every placement that we make, we donate to Shoreline.

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