Hiring in the new year? So is every Tech company in the world…

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International giants, Australian Unicorns and non-government behemoths are all asking the same thing – “let’s meet in January… I’ll need your help.”

Whilst some startups will struggle, Big Tech will continue pushing forward with volume hires which can dominate the market.  

So it’s always unnerving to hear how many companies are basing their Talent strategy on “Talent Surveys.”

‘Talent Surveys’ (you know the ones) are dangerously inaccurate.

How come?

Because they rely on candidates to fill in a survey.

And are you really interested in the candidates ‘who have enough time or interest to fill in a talent survey’ ??

When you combine this dangerously misleading Talent data with aggressive hiring competition you are setting yourself up to fail.

And failing in Talent acquisition has more far reaching disincentives than just missing out on that hire you wanted.  

Your cost-of-hire (time, money, resources, opportunity costs) and effort-to-hire (motivation, reputation, stress) rises each day you haven’t secured someone. 

So, how do the best hiring teams in the world get ahead?

What do they invest in and depend on?

Talent Intelligence

Talent Intelligence is imperative to understand when you’re hiring in highly competitive markets. 

It’s the bait you fish with.

If you use the “intel” from Talent Surveys to fish with, you are wasting your time, money, reputation and missing out on the candidates that you really want to hire.

This is why you have low-quality candidates applying to your roles, why your internal teams or recruitment agencies are blaming ‘this darn talent shortage’ and your turnover is too high.

Talent Intelligence informs your Job Design.

Your Job Design fulfils your Org Design, and outlines the purpose, outcomes, KPIs, assessment and progression of your staff.

When you combine the two… well let’s continue with the fishing analogy.

Imagine if your local bait shop told you;

  • Use this bait
  • At these times
  • In this location
  • With this rig
  • And this action.

…You’re going to catch the fish you want.

If you’re reading last year’s fishing guide “written by the fish desperate to be caught !!!!”, you’re going to end up with Crap Carp.

If there’s one lesson to learn in hiring it’s that today’s plan won’t work tomorrow, and tomorrow’s will be short lived. 

Stop wasting time.

Let us help.

Check out www.realtimeaustralia.com/sonar & get in touch to hear real insights from the candidates you really want to hire in real-time.

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