Hiring IT Jobs: Looking for Staff But Don’t Know Where to Start?

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Hiring IT Jobs: Looking for Staff But Don’t Know Where to Start?

As an SME business owner in Sydney or Melbourne or decision maker, hiring staff for IT jobs for example is important and you want to ensure there is consistency to create teams that work well together.

Juggling the dynamics of time, quality and cost to produce the best results for your business is paramount. Minimising business disruption – critical. Trusting the process – essential.
Where to start with the hiring requirement? It might sound bizarre and unnatural but start with the desired outcome/gain and work backwards. Ask yourself the following questions:

What do you actually want to achieve?

What does success in this position or team look like?

Consider the cost impact of not having the right skills or hiring the wrong skills into the business.

Cost of recruitment for an SME.

Is it a “Piece of Work” requiring specialist skills on contract or an ongoing skills requirement needing a permanent member of staff?

Do you have/need a Job Description?

What is the right recruitment model for you Exclusive or Contingent?

Do you have a modern interview process or do you plan on using 90’s style techniques including numerous interviews?

Why will people want to work for you and your business?

How will you protect your Brand when hiring? – talk to your recruiter for advice on the process.

Do you have a relationship with a trusted recruiter? If not how will you source one?

What is your recruitment Budget and how will you decide on what your process is?

Do you know what the market really pays for the skills you need to hire?

Can your IT recruiter in Sydney or Melbourne help you with this information?
What other benefits are you offering to be competitive in the market?

Do you know your competitors?

Can your choice of recruiter provide you with market intelligence on your competition?

How will your proposition stack up against other offers a candidate will also receive?

Your offer is accepted and you have a new person ready to start. How do you “On Board” them effectively and more importantly, know how to keep them?

Are you looking for a choice of recruitment options to find the right hiring option for you?
There is a lot to digest here. Particularly if you are new to the hiring process. Follow us and check out our story.

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