How the price of staff and your org structure will change this year.

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Welcome to the human renaissance. 

Big names are still letting staff go as AI continues to prove more effective at doing their (robotic) tasks.

Redundancies will continue, though soon, overall headcount will rise again. 



AI isn’t about replacing humans or shrinking teams, it’s about freeing up human talent to allow us to do what we do best; think creatively, solve complex problems and advance relationships.


Your team must be the most creative, problem-solving, big-picture and influential face-to-face humans you can find! 


As AI allows greater volume of data to be crunched, sales leads to be actioned, code to be tested etc. – it creates more opportunities for humans to make decisions and implement solutions for their clients. 


A renaissance in human skills.  

To be competitive today you need to think “No more mediocre staff members. There are no more excuses”.

AI is a force multiplier for human potential. So you must improve your human capital. 


How do you do that, quickly?

You need to review your org structure.


(A businesses’ least common and most important activity).

 Let’s say your company’s purpose is to “climb a mountain.” (This could be a goal of $1mio ARR, onboard 1K clients – whatever).

Follow these very simple steps which are all interlinked:

  • Goal: reach the summit

  • Strategy: the route and equipment required

  • Structure: forming the team with the right expertise (guides, medical)

  • Job Design: specific responsibilities of each team member

  • OKR: exact, measurable performance targets of each individual (that align with strategy and goal). 

Things change. Seemingly more rapidly. And ‘change’ challenges the cohesion between each of these steps.

How to know if they’re about to snap?


“My teams are focusing on the wrong things”


  • “Why aren’t my employees motivated?”

  • “We’re not tracking performance well.”

  • “That hire didn’t work out”


All of these very common problems (plus thousands and thousands more) can be solved within your org structure.


Not sure where to start?

Reach out so I can explain how our Compass can help.

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