How to Manage your Job Applications and Why it is Important ?

Looking for a job can be stressful and very time consuming, especially if you are not organised and trying to do it whilst still employed, have a family and a house to run as well as meeting all the other everyday demands of life. This is why having an experienced Recruiter who services companies in your field is a good idea. They can help you navigate the journey.

If you have not already seen it Download our full guide on Looking for a new job but don’t know where to start – our free guide as experienced recruiters to assist you to land your perfect job.In today’s world, there are many different ways you can look for and source a new job using technology. To save your time, your specialised Recruiter numbs the pain.Here is the scenario:You are working full-time and decide that you really do need to find a new job. Great. So what next?You go home from work at the usual time. Finish all your domestic chores and it’s 9pm before you get out your laptop, pour yourself a large glass of wine or cup of tea and start looking for the next move in your career. Before you know it, it’s midnight you’ve just finished your 2nd glass of wine and sent your resume to the last application of the night.You head off to bed feeling really good about the prospect of a new job with all those applications you just made. Great work, you sleep well that night and on the way to work the next morning you realise you cannot remember all the jobs you applied for, who they were with, what the reference numbers were and cringe because you know you shouldn’t have applied to at least one of them. You probably used all the usual Job Boards and Linkedin and even reached out to a Good Recruiter or Two but which ones? And what jobs? As a recruiter I know for a fact that most (not all) jobseekers do not keep track of what they have done and when you call them about a job they applied for they cannot really remember what it is, so you spend the first minute trying to remind them of what they have applied for. Was it the 2nd glass of wine or just someone being disorganised? As a recruiter, we deal with this all the time. If I was an employer and got this vague response I would think twice about you as an applicant. That very first point of human contact is critical for you as a job seeker.So to help you we have created a simple Spreadsheet for your benefit. We hope that this will help you to keep track of your job search and even make notes on the good experiences.Check out our job search page here. You never know we might be one of the Good Recruiters or Two.Good luck with your search and we hope you find the resources useful.�Register your resume with us here… and have a look at our current job board. Hopefully, we can help you further on your new careerYou can also download your free e-book “Looking for a job and don’t know where to start?”