IT Recruitment Tips: Why & How to Write an Executive Summary

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IT Recruitment Tips: Why & How to Write an Executive Summary

Importance of Executive Summary

It does not matter if you are a Senior Professional at the Executive Level or somewhere on the ladder heading in that direction. How you are represented and perceived in the world is 90% of the reward in getting noticed. I believe an Executive Summary will help you. Most people will now have a Digital Footprint, some of them are exceptional and really stand out from the crowd but most of them are average, to say the least, and do not really represent us in the most powerful and positive way.Over the years I have seen many different ways to write an executive summary and have settled on a formula that works and provides clients with a 1 page snapshot of who you are, why you have applied for the position, your relevant skills to the job, some basic housekeeping information and a recommendation on why you have been represented to the client and why the client should interview you.You can take this executive summary template and customise it to suit yourself as it really is a great addendum to your resume putting your best foot forward. Combine this with your updated Digital Footprint and a Resume that will get you interviewed you could be called to interview for every job you apply for.

Executive Summary:

Legal Name

Position Applied For





Current Salary

Expected Salary


Brief overview of who you are and your experience. Not usually more than 2 paragraphs.

Relevant information on your experience relating to the position. Usually covers:

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