Increasing Passion & Reducing Apathy in your Employees

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Excitement Factor on Employees

Keeping your team excited to show up to work each morning plays a huge factor in increasing your overall productivity. Take a look at this impressive video created by Intel, which emphasises the excitement factor that their employees feel about arriving to their jobs.

Recruitment Process

Maintaining a passionate team within any SME begins during the recruitment process, and it’s at this vital stage that the tone will be set for future levels of employee engagement. Candidates determine their employer of choice not only by the specific benefits offered by a given employer, but also by what they expect to feel most fulfilled in. It allows them to have a level of excitement to come into the workplace every day.

Since this is the case, it’s critical that during the recruitment process you are able to attract the talent that will feel most passionate about working with your organisation. Candidly speaking; an apathetic workforce is often more reflective of an ineffective recruitment process than anything else.

It’s important to illustrate to candidates during their job search that there are stimulating projects being undertaken at your organisation. This will enable you to attract talent that is best suited for your organisation and that will most closely identify with your company’s goals. Even more importantly, this will go a long way towards solidifying your brand’s reputation as an exciting place to work which will have a snowball effect on attracting additional talent in the future.

Another aspect is marketing your company in such a way that valuable candidates will be attracted to your organisation. This can include having videos on your website that illustrate the high level of satisfaction enjoyed by current employees, as well as a vibrant presence on social media.

Once you’ve attracted the best possible workforce for your organisation, increasing the levels of passion among your employees will fall into place smoothly. But it all begins with proper recruitment and ensuring that your employer brand will attract talent prone to high feelings of engagement.

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