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Front End Engineers’ current Salaries + Motivations

So, you’re looking for good Front End Software Engineers?

We’ve never been busier at Real Time, helping solve this issue for our clients who are building some of the most interesting Software Products Australia has ever seen.

Here’s a snippet of what we’ve recently learned from just over 500 human conversations with some of the most active candidates on the market (who everyone’s fighting over) as well as the best talent within the passive market (the ones who don’t apply to anybody’s ads and are not ‘active’).

chart on expected salary for Mid Level Javascript Dev
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chart on driving motivation

Technical Challenges (24%), Product Achievement (11.5%), Learning New Tech / Languages (8%) & Societal Improvement (making the World a better place; 6.6%) currently lead the Key motivators for Javascript developers.

Solving scaling issues, Experimentation, Security Improvements and Business success all scored the lowest (1.8 – 3.4%)

What this means for you:

The better you know your pond, the more fish
you're gonna catch…

Javascript engineers fall in to 6 different categories and we have live, structured + unstructured data across each. If you’d like to be notified on my next article, sharing more data on recent discoveries from the Front End market, mash that Follow button or just say hey!

Hopefully this snippet helps you out as a candidate or hiring manager.

Thanks for reading!

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