Offer Accepted – You Hope!

Recruitment is not just adding talent to your organization, but sowing the seeds of your reputation. Our Offer Accepted report provides a seasoned insight into the strategy and the best practices that can be adapted during a job offer and how to successfully influence the candidate to agree to your offer. The job offering stage is the most crucial phase of the recruitment process and it showcases how you can stand out above the rest by turning it into a social interaction and an investment into the potential candidate.

With focus on enhanced professional conduct, the Offer Accepted report shows how the most vital areas during the offering process, potential bottlenecks, and ways to overcome them. Bringing you crucial aspects of job negotiation and how it endows the recruitment process with the knowledge and skills to win the heart of candidates and mold the negotiation in your favor offsetting counter offers and yet not disenchanting the candidates.

The report also shows an in-depth analysis on how your presentation of your brand, job profile, and future career growth prospects can work in your favor and entice candidates to accept your offer.  You are also empowered through a thorough understanding of the necessities of the benefits of the negotiation process and awareness of candidate’s prospective during the job offering phase.

There must be some soul searching in making the recruitment process an epitome of your organisational excellence, as suggested in the report. Interpersonal skills of the recruiter, a swift course of action and focused presentation of the financial aspect and non-financial benefits are three important pillars of a successful job offering process. If candidates are rejecting offers, you may want to consider asking the hard questions;

  • Is the hiring manager sending the wrong message?
  • Are the organisational structure and employee benefits attractive?
  • Is the vision of the company compelling and believable?
  • Is your recruitment process professional, efficient and quick to determine taking a different approach in your job offer process?

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