Recruiting Solutions: The Exclusive Recruiter is the Right IT Recruiter

Finding the Right IT Recruiter

We’ve all heard that saying You get what you pay for. 💰

You evaluate a service and buy accordingly to the perceived value.

But what if you weren’t paying for the service and only the outcome? You are effectively saying to the service provider ‘I don’t care what you do behind the scenes to produce this outcome, only that you get me the outcome’.

This is the reality most recruiters in the marketplace today experience. This one rule of thumb that permeates the industry to follow a contingent fee model. It is undoubtedly one of the major reasons why recruiters are often misunderstood.

The Best Recruiting Solution Choice – Contingent or Exclusive

With the risk of not getting paid comes the prioritisation considerations that recruiters place on your assignment. The more risk, the more a recruiter has to be ruthless with their time and of your assignment in order to compensate for the inevitable dead ends and no fee outcome.

And what about the candidates who are being presented? How can you expect a recruiter to invest the appropriate amount of time and care in each potential candidate when you are giving the recruiters permission to take shortcuts. Contingent recruitment is a lose – lose – lose scenario:

This isn’t an article about what makes a winning recruiter because successful ones will tell you that they don’t waste their time with clients who are not exclusive. Rather, this is an article to convey to business owners that when it comes to partnering with professional recruiters in order to hire talent, there is more than one way to get an outcome, and indeed there are better outcomes to be had with the right partnerships in place.

I argue that putting some of your own skin on the table when it comes to an important hire is the best way to get the absolute best hiring experience. 

Your relationship with your recruiter creates a cascading effect through the hiring lifecycle.

The best recruiting solution tells us that the strongest relationships see a recruiter’s understanding, advocating and even evangelising your business to maximise the best talent attraction and provide the necessary brand perception for each new addition to the business. The way this can shape the candidate experience in the ensuing months and years can prove invaluable to your business goals.

So ask yourself – What am I going to do when I need to hire next? There are a place and a market for contingent recruitment but remember – You get what you pay for.

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