Adapt and Thrive

The American Revolutionary statesmen Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” But Mr. Franklin forgot to add something to his list – change. And in today’s business world, success or failure of a company can be directly attributed to how well that organisation embraces change.

It is one thing to keep up with change and quite another to be ahead of it. Historically, adaptive organisation design has been a key feature in technology companies due to the speed of change in the tech world. Now non-tech companies are being forced, because of the introduction of dramatic technology changes such as social networking, to adapt new ways of working and responding more quickly than ever before.

Rapid change within an industry, an organisation, even local and global economies creates both great opportunities and great challenges. Such changes particularly affect SMEs. What’s more, when start-ups and small companies grow, there are really no second chances; not getting it right can cause catastrophic results.

Think about it like this – if five new hires join a company of 20 people, staff has increased by 25 percent. On the other hand, if five people join a company of 500 employees, it represents a staff increase of one percent.