Get the Most Out of Your Recruitment Partner

By following the ideas presented in our last report, “A Recruitment Model for SMEs”, you’ve implemented a tailored recruitment solution that delivers reduced costs and
improved quality of hires.

Almost certainly, your recruitment model will include relationships with recruitment partners. Partnerships can be great. They can promote efficiency and capitalise on skills that are lacking in your organisation. But it is important to approach a partnership with eyes wide open:

  • How do you ensure that you are getting the most out of your recruitment partners? The days when recruiters would throw a few resumes at you and stick their hand out for a fee are long gone — for the most part. How do you know if your partner not only delivers tangible results, but real value as well?
  • Are you living with poor service and minimal results from your recruitment suppliers and/or your internal recruiter?
  • Does your recruitment partner deliver on a timely, consistent basis?

Your partnership is a beneficial one if your partner offers:Useful Information including:

Useful Information including:

  • Interview tips – information and templates to assist all stakeholders involved in interviewing in your company.
  • The latest – in recruitment methodology and organisational design.
  • Market trends – hot spots of skills in demand and what the best candidates want to hear and see from their next employer.
  • Employer branding – that differentiates you from your competitors
  • Presenting offers – so they are accepted!

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