Free Interview Guide & Form

For over twenty years, Real Time Australia has been helping organisations attract and hire some of the best talent in the Australian market.

Real Time Australia’s Recruitment Process Interview Guide

We have developed this free interview guide for managers involved in the recruitment process, to help you secure the talent you need to get the results your business demands.

After expending considerable effort attracting suitable candidates for your vacant position, it all comes down to a successful interview process that will:

  • Filter, respond to and shortlist all candidates professionally
  • Identify the best candidate from the interview process
  • Make it easy for your chosen candidate to accept your offer

A small oversight in any of these key activities may result in missing out on the best available candidates.

Sending a poor message to the market about your employer brand can cause significant damage to the success of your business.

In this guide you will find interesting facts hot tips and red flags that can sabotage your efforts. At the end of this document there is a form you can use in interviews to keep the process consistent, objective and thorough.

Feel free to share this with colleagues who are also involved in interviewing.

Click here to download the full interview guide form.

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Looking for new staff and don't know where to start

We have been part of your journey so far – we would love to help take your candidate search to the next level. Download our full guide to “Looking for new staff and don’t know where to start?“. Or simply follow us to be a part of our journey!