Offer Accepted

How to make your JOB OFFER and CLOSE IT


In the first two reports in this series, “Interview Guide” and “Adapt and Thrive”, we have laid the foundations to identifying the right candidate to join your company. Now it is grand final day – you have made your choice and you want to make the offer. Will the candidate accept?

You will never be able to know for sure, but if you have followed the steps laid out in these previous reports, you will have a great chance:

  • Have you designed the role to suit the current and future needs of the business?
  • Are you clear on the purpose of the role and the outputs that need to be produced? Do all stakeholders agree?
  • Is the job description simple, concise and relevant? Does it focus on outcomes?
  • Did you respond quickly and professionally to all candidates throughout the interview process?
  • Were the interviewers informed, aligned and engaged?
  • Did the interviews assess attitudinal and behavioural attributes?
  • Do you understand the candidate’s real motivations?
  • Are you sure there are no surprises – candidate needs to give 3 months’ notice; has a 6 week holiday booked in 3 months?
  • Did the candidate meet managers and team members they would work with?
  • Have you presented your opportunity as a career move or just a job?

If you can confidently tick all of these boxes, you are in with a good shot. If you can’t, go back and review your methods and processes immediately, otherwise you are wasting a lot of time, money and missed opportunity.

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