Start hiring from $899

Real Time Australia is helping businesses leverage professional recruitment expertise through an innovative and affordable new recruitment solution for just $899.

Our $899 shortlisting service is recruitment industry gamechanger. Unique to Real Time Australia, it allows us to thoroughly consult with you on your assignment and help you refine your search to a small pool of candidates.Just because the price is good doesn’t mean we skimp on any of the professionalism. In fact, you’ll get the same first-class service that we’re known for privy to our Partnership Program

How Does It Work?

We’ll go through the consultation stages of our Partnership Program with you to better understand your needs, in which we will help you create a job description (if required), before proceeding to create an advertisement that allows you to go to market. Upon your approval for ad, we go live on job boards such as Indeed, SEEK and specialist boards, as well as creating a social media campaign through our social media platforms.

We then review the applications that come in and phone screen the candidates in order to present a shortlist of up to 5 candidates that we believe are right for the role.

We then hand them over to you, offering you the flexibility to interview the candidates as you wish, and complete the recruitment process.

This package saves you time and effort as it saves you from drafting and posting ads, reviewing hundreds of resumes and having repetitive conversations with candidates. Additionally, you benefit from not having to set up your digital accounts on SEEK and Indeed, take advantage of our professional digital recruitment platforms.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing we offer. Take a look at our other recruitment solutions for employers and find out more about the unique partnerships program we offer to every client.

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