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 Jobs: Technical, Digital, Data, HR, Legal

Looking for a new job? We’ll make the process painless, simple and hassle-free. Real Time Australia is committed to maintaining an up-to-date list of jobs consisting of the latest opportunities we have on the market in both Sydney and Melbourne. Contact us today to find out how you can progress in your career.

As one of the most experienced boutique recruitment agencies, we make it our business to assist companies and candidates in equal measure. We listen and learn what you want as job seekers and employers. And we’re good. Just ask the thousands of successful applicants that we’ve placed over the years.

Our list of jobs includes:

Tech and digital

Tech and digital rule the corporate world today and there are a multitude of start-ups challenging the establishment and looking for hot digital disrupters to help them. There are also many established businesses looking for new talent. Combined, these create opportunities for digitally savvy individuals who have the right stuff. If you have a penchant for working with the latest technology, software and hardware, or if you think you have what it takes to make an impact, check out our tech jobs today.

IT and data jobs

Never needed to read an instruction manual in your life? Can you find your way around hardware, servers, operating systems and software? If so, then we have a wealth of opportunities for you to put your skills to good use. Browse our IT jobs and become the go-to resource in an upcoming or established company.

HR and recruitment

In recent times, there has been a greater appreciation for the role that HR plays in the success of companies today. After all, happy employees make for happy clients. Helping companies source the best individuals that can assimilate into a new culture and grow themselves and the company is a valuable skill. If you’re part social butterfly, part organisational wizard, and can align your interpersonal skills to contribute to a company’s goals, then browse our list of human resources jobs.

Sales and account management

Silver tongued and goal driven? Sales and account management are not for the fainthearted. While it is important to be able to maintain rapport and relationships with a wide range of clients, it is equally important to be able to be persuasive, communicate the value an organisation can offer, and most importantly, close sales deals. Visit our job listing page for sales jobs.


Working in legal services requires an incredible work ethic, critical thinking and an ability to actively listen, comprehend and make informed decisions. However, not all law-related jobs require law degrees. There are numerous supporting roles available such as legal assistants, paralegals and legal secretaries. Browse our listings today.

Our process is simple. We keep an easy-to-navigate job search page where you can filter your searches to reflect the exact kind of job opportunity you would like. In addition to actively carrying out an employment search, you can also submit your resume ensuring you are always accessible.

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