What DevOps Engineers want (we just interviewed 100)

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Over the last 4 weeks we’ve interviewed more than 100 DevOps Engineers in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

What they shared revealed some emerging trends that may surprise you.
1. Hiring managers are putting greater emphasis on testing Code, whilst at the same time interview rounds are decreasing.

The rift between Devs not wanting to do Ops, and Ops not wanting to code seems to be widening. And things are heating up in interviews!

So questions are more direct, pressure is high and this is causing some companies hiring reputations to splinter (though they are claiming greater hiring outcomes and retention – in the short term)… more to come here.
2. Top candidates want to get their hands on Dapr.

Some candidates’ decisions to accept new contracts were based on the fact that those teams that are using Dapr well.
3. GCP and Azure are getting close to challenging AWS ​

Azure seems to be closing the gap on AWS, especially in Enterprise environments. (A report from a few months ago stated that, Azure Usage has surpassed AWS) And GCP is gaining speed, too.
4. There are a lot of attractive contracts open for DevOps Engineers right now, especially using Azure & within Enterprise.

5. DevOps Engineers typically want to work on CI/CD and Jenkins VS Cloud Data Engineering (working on batch and streaming pipelines)

6. The most-loved DevOps tools are Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, Python, Scala and Hive.New Relic is an amazing platform to monitor deployed code.As well as Sentry and LogRocket which are great at monitoring frontend issues.7. Senior DevOps are asking for a day rate between $1100 – $1400 per day (incl. super)

8. Salaries for Permanent, Senior DevOps Engineers are asking between $170k base – $200k base.

9. A lot of projects seem to require more adoption in the serverless space, especially AWS lambda.

10. Here’s a quick snapshot of the Leading retention motivations for DevOps engineers right now.
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