Where + How Front End Software Product Engineers want to work: Infographic

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Work Motivation

No surprises here really, are there?

So we asked, Why? What motivates SW Engineers to do what they do?

In my recent article, I shared an infographic regarding the key motivations for SW Engineers right now – the clear leaders were: 

  1. Technical Challenges (24%) 
  2. Product Achievement (11.5%)  
  3. Learning New Tech / Languages (8 %) 

Read any job description from the Big Tech names or up and coming Startups / Scaleups. This is exactly what they are providing their engineers right now!

Banks offer big salaries, Government offers (the myth that is) Job Security & Consultancies offer access to big named, deep pocketed clients. 

Statistically, SW Engineers don’t care that much…

The other outlier that shon from our 500+ human conversations with active & passive FE SW Engineers is that they want to Build Products (72%)!

Of course, in the subject of ‘Where Front End Software Product Engineers want to work,’ location arose. We asked, what do you prefer for your next role. They said:

chart on Contract Candidates
chart on Permanent Candidates

Note: we usually don’t like to simplify engineers or developers in to “Junior – Mid – Senior” categories, though for this report purposes 

So, how do you compete in attracting the right, and best possible SW Engineer to your company?

Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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